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Mindfulness For Kids

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Mindfulness for Kids

As parents, we want our kids to grow up to be generous, kind, independent and happy. We try to imagine them working in a job they love, happily married, raising a family and giving back to their community.

However, there is a crisis facing parents in first world countries. Our kids are anxious, distracted, apathetic, and sedentary. Kids have been drawn into the black hole of their digital world where communication, entertainment, learning, self-worth is derived from their cell phone.

Parents working multiple jobs are too busy or too exhausted to provide adequate guidance, so many kids are left to their own devices; to their own choices. Many choices are simply bad decisions or lead to anti-social behavior.

It is time to get your children back on track.

The kids that adopt a mindful approach to life are the kids that are attentive, focused, calm and curious. They are more able to problem-solve, collaborate well with others and are more resilient when things don't go as planned.

A mindful child is not normally born with those skills. They must be learned and practiced to see results in the same way a pianist is able to play a Mozart concerto.

Mindfulness for Kids is an introduction to mindfulness practices that is designed with the child in mind. The exercises are short and fun and will help your child stay with his present moment experience instead of dwelling on past mistakes or worrying about future problems.

With practice, your child can better stay in the present. Then, three amazing things will happen.
1. It will allow your kid to focus what he/she wants or needs to focus on.
2. It will allow your kid to better regulate against the outbursts borne from anger, fear, and anxiousness.
3. It will allow your kid not to be so rigid in his or her definition of themselves. I'm good at math; I'm a terrible speller; I'm not likable. You can be hurt terribly if you attach labels to yourself.

This guide will provide you with the tools and knowledge to better raise a curious, calm and focused child.

Download he book "Mindfulness for Kids" and take the first step to better prepare your child for success!

Making A Place For Kids With Disabilities

RRP $421.99

Dale Borman Fink, the author of the only book on inclusion of youth with special needs in before and after school child care, now presents the first book to examine the experiences of children with disabilities participating in youth programs alongside their typical peers. This book is the product of Fink's quest to learn as much as possible about one community's experience with the inclusion of children with special needs in youth programs. Using a case study technique, he probes into the issues and dynamics that influence the increasing participation of kids with disabilities in such activities as Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and park and recreation programs.

Fink enters a Midwestern community of 14,000, which he calls Wabash, interviewing the parents, the professionals, the peers, the community leaders, and the volunteers about the participation of children with disabilities. How does a girl who relies on an augmentative communication device take part in a Brownie troop? What do other tee-ball players think about a teammate with cerebral palsy? Why does one family refuse to use the local drop-in recreation center? Readers will learn what practices are evolving and what opportunities are being overlooked. Fink makes his own biases and interpretations plain, and he shares part of his own biography along the way. But it is the voices and experiences of the people of Wabash, rather than those of the author, that invest this book with such power and such importance to all who are concerned with youth with special needs.

Black Eyed Kids. My Three Months Of Hell, A True Story.

RRP $13.99

Are the Black Eyed Kids Real? This family says they are! Read this harrowing story of a family unaware that their dream home was about to become their worst nightmare.

Five Steps To Family Empowerment

RRP $0.00

Creating A Solid, Lasting Connection With Your Kids

RRP $18.99

Raising a child is probably the most fulfilling thing you will ever do...and also the most frustrating, nerve-wracking, and gut-wrenching. With all the plans and dreams you have for your children, there are bound to be dashed hopes, unrealized goals, and unmet expectations along the way. Negative emotions, including anger, disappointment, and frustration may arise within you, and you may find yourself feeling less and less emotionally connected with your children. Introducing The Connection Cycle, the revolutionary new parenting program that will help you deal with your feelings and respond to your children in a way that will allow you to create and maintain your emotional connection, from toddlers to teens, and into adulthood. After all, maintaining your emotional connection with your children is top priority in my book!"


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