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Raising Kids With A Faith That Lasts

RRP $15.99

In Essentials of Parenting: Raising Kids with a Faith that Lasts, you'll discover how to use family fun, everyday conversations, and meaningful milestone markers to launch your child's relationship with God. The program starts with a lively DVD presentation (the DVD is part of the full kit) from some of today's top experts-Dr. Tim Kimmel, Dr. Greg Smalley, Rev. Mark Holmen, and Larry Fowler. Here's what you'll find inside: discussion questions to get you thinking and talking, creative exercises to help you better understand your child and yourself, Scripture input to keep you on track, down-to-earth advice from experienced mentors, and "Next Step" activities for practicing what you've learned.

Zentangle For Kidz

RRP $14.99

Kids of all ages - get ready to laugh, smile and tangle! Sandy Steen Bartholomew's Zentangle for Kidz! is both a fun romp through pattern play and an inspiring art lesson. Kid characters Alex and Lilah entertain the audience while presenting tangle techniques. They talk to the reader in dialog bubbles, sothe book has the inviting style of a comic book. Every page is stuffed with whimsical shapes that grow into awesome designs, but the process is artfully disguised as "messing around with tangles". This book will be especially helpful for anyone who says "I can't draw". Sandy's friendly approach is so inviting, simple and freeform that it will engage event he most timid artist.

Five-a-day Pro - Convert Your Kids To Fruit And Veg

RRP $7.00

Five-a-Day Pro offers practical advice, tips and information that will help parents to convert their children to the joys of fruit and vegetables! Yes, really! The authors show how to turn the idea of five-a-day into an exciting challenge rather than an impossible goal. There are plenty of tried and tested recipes to try as well.

Helping Young Children At Risk

RRP $256.99

This volume is the result of the clinical, administrative, and advocacy experience that Dr. Plenk gained during the growth and development of The Children's Center in Salt Lake City. Using the day-treatment group therapy model, young children with emotional problems have been helped to eliminate difficulties that affect their education at a very early age. As a community agency built on a shoestring budget, the state, federal, and local levels have contributed to major improvements in the learning and family life of many individuals associated with The Children's Center. This is their story written by the founder and executive director, now retired.

Puzzles For Kids!

RRP $16.99

This book is specifically designed to be used and solved by children ages 7 to 16, but even younger kids can give at least some puzzles a try.
The puzzles presented herein will develop various skills in your child: from increasing their vocabulary and better their spelling, to counting, improving arithmetic skills, developing patience, thinking outside of the box and more!
The best thing is that the children will play but at the same time they will learn! It is not a waste of time, it is a great way to keep a child entertained for hours while they actually learn something new and useful.
The puzzles included in this book are: word searches, number searches,hidoku, calcudoku, sudoku including some variants of sudoku, such as:odd-even, diagonal, greater-less, consecutive and jigsaw.
It's a must have book not only for children, but also for their elders!


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Raising Kids Kids Craft Tips Kid Kid Safe
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Kids Charades Family Kids Kids Games Kids Learn
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