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How To Live With A Woman... And Still Watch Football

RRP $17.99

Do you sometimes get the feeling that the woman in your life not only wears the trousers, but the balls as well? Do you feel guilty when you go out with your mates? Do you get nagged for leaving the toilet seat up? Did she buy you a global positioning system for your birthday so that she always knows where you are? If you answered, 'Er,um ...well, what do you think, honey?' to any of these questions, then you need help - and fast! From how to be worshipped in the bedroom to playing away from home, this book shows how to put the balls firmly back in your court - if you can still find them! Just because you're a new man doesn't mean you should stop watching sport, staggering home drunk or adjusting yourself in public. With indispensable advice on telling little white lies, learning not to say sorry, getting sex on demand, what to do when she wants to have kids, getting away with annoying habits and how to spend more time with your PC, you'll wonder how you ever managed to live without this book.

Just A Baseball Game

RRP $37.99

Just a Baseball Game has Sam and his friends dealing with the reality of bad sportsmanship. This Project Play book is meant to teach a valuable lesson while inspiring kids to get back to the basics of America's favorite pastime. By sticking together, the gang teaches us to be good sports and to make baseball a backyard game again. Sam leads the gang as they revise the rules and just play for fun. The book comes with baseball cards and fun descriptions for getting to know all the characters. Project Play books were created to inspire families and neighborhoods to play backyard games that demand imagination and foster creativity so children can channel those skills into their adult lives. This same spirit of adventure and creative play are the foundation of all the stories and backyard games in the Project Play series.

This Is A Ball

RRP $19.99

For the Grown-Ups:

You know how you're right all the time? All. The. Time. Yes, well, it's time to give the kids a turn. Which is why everything you read in this book is going to be wrong. But that's okay, because the kids are going to correct you. And they're going to love it!

About the Author

Beck Stanton is a primary school teacher and the creative director/owner of . She has worked extensively with children throughout her teaching career and in roles that include before & after school care centre director, a nanny and youth and children’s worker.

Matt Stanton is the co-creator of the bestselling Fart Monster picture book series (with more than 100,000 copies of his books in print) and the art director of HCP Australia & NZ. They live by the beach in Sydney with their daughter Bonnie and irritating but adorable cat.

Coloring For Kids Minecraft

RRP $13.99

A Minecraft coloring book for kids with all its characters to color. This A4 book has 55 pages to enjoy. So what you waiting for kids go grab them pencils and start coloring.

A Scottish Ballad Book

RRP $427.99

The popular appeal of the ballad is perennial, and few literary genres give so much pleasure to so many kinds of people. This anthology, first published in 1973, is drawn from the richest ballad tradition in Britain, that of the Northeast of Scotland. It provides a fresh and original choice of songs that ranges from the old ballads like 'Gil Brenton' and 'Willie's Lady' to the bothy ballads like 'The Tarves Rant'. The collection illustrates the development of a tradition over the centuries from the oral stage down to the modern, and exemplifies the methods of composition and transmission, the kinds of ballad-story, and the types of ballad-text found in the various stages of a ballad tradition. It illustrates the variety of subject matter, and indicates lines of relationship with other genres of Folklore Studies. A substantial section, containing what are widely acknowledged as the best of all British ballads, the oral ballads of Anna Brown, demonstrates clearly that the ballads are not merely simple or crude poems; in their oral form, they are narrative songs of some complexity and sophistication. This anthology is complementary to Dr Buchan's The Ballad and the Folk.


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