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101 Recipes For A Healthy Kids Diet

RRP $18.99

Bad eating habits is linked to everything from juvenile diabetes to ADHD. Raising a productive child means raising a healthy child...but keeping your kids healthy is hard work! Most parents simply do not have time to spend hours in the kitchen. If you want your kids to be happy and healthy, then you need this book! Nearly all of the 100+ recipes can be prepared in only minutes! (Cooking time varies) What parent doesn't have minutes to spend to make sure their child doesn't have health problems later in life? From sack lunches to healthy snacks, there's something for everyone here.

Raising Kids With A Faith That Lasts

RRP $15.99

In Essentials of Parenting: Raising Kids with a Faith that Lasts, you'll discover how to use family fun, everyday conversations, and meaningful milestone markers to launch your child's relationship with God. The program starts with a lively DVD presentation (the DVD is part of the full kit) from some of today's top experts-Dr. Tim Kimmel, Dr. Greg Smalley, Rev. Mark Holmen, and Larry Fowler. Here's what you'll find inside: discussion questions to get you thinking and talking, creative exercises to help you better understand your child and yourself, Scripture input to keep you on track, down-to-earth advice from experienced mentors, and "Next Step" activities for practicing what you've learned.

Mindfulness For Kids

RRP $18.99

Mindfulness for Kids

As parents, we want our kids to grow up to be generous, kind, independent and happy. We try to imagine them working in a job they love, happily married, raising a family and giving back to their community.

However, there is a crisis facing parents in first world countries. Our kids are anxious, distracted, apathetic, and sedentary. Kids have been drawn into the black hole of their digital world where communication, entertainment, learning, self-worth is derived from their cell phone.

Parents working multiple jobs are too busy or too exhausted to provide adequate guidance, so many kids are left to their own devices; to their own choices. Many choices are simply bad decisions or lead to anti-social behavior.

It is time to get your children back on track.

The kids that adopt a mindful approach to life are the kids that are attentive, focused, calm and curious. They are more able to problem-solve, collaborate well with others and are more resilient when things don't go as planned.

A mindful child is not normally born with those skills. They must be learned and practiced to see results in the same way a pianist is able to play a Mozart concerto.

Mindfulness for Kids is an introduction to mindfulness practices that is designed with the child in mind. The exercises are short and fun and will help your child stay with his present moment experience instead of dwelling on past mistakes or worrying about future problems.

With practice, your child can better stay in the present. Then, three amazing things will happen.
1. It will allow your kid to focus what he/she wants or needs to focus on.
2. It will allow your kid to better regulate against the outbursts borne from anger, fear, and anxiousness.
3. It will allow your kid not to be so rigid in his or her definition of themselves. I'm good at math; I'm a terrible speller; I'm not likable. You can be hurt terribly if you attach labels to yourself.

This guide will provide you with the tools and knowledge to better raise a curious, calm and focused child.

Download he book "Mindfulness for Kids" and take the first step to better prepare your child for success!

Raising Happy Children

RRP $16.99

All parents want nothing but the BEST for their children; they want their child to grow up happy, build meaningful relationships, and be successful in their chosen field. However, this could only be possible if parents are able to raise their children in a loving and nurturing environment. That's why you, as a parent, play a big role in the quality of life that your child will have as he or she grows older.

This book will show you strategies and tips on how you can help nurture your child and enable them to grow as happy children. Here you will learn about:

  • Positive Parenting and how effective it is in raising responsible and happy children
  • The different personalities of children and their needs
  • Different discipline methods without using the rod
  • How to set boundaries, give freedom, and at the same time, teach your child how to be responsible
  • How to build a strong and lasting relationship with your child
  • How you can become a good role model to your child
  • And much more

Learn how you can be a better parent to your childGrab your copy now!

Coloring For Kids, A Mischief Coloring Book

RRP $15.99

Hey little big person, what are you up to? This is the coloring book to have if your child wants cool images to work on. The funny messaging coupled with the benefits of coloring make this book a must-have. Coloring improves creativity and imagination. It encourages pretend play, and helps a child think more freely and effectively. Grab a copy now!


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